Our Message

The empowerment agenda of the National Urban League movement is vitally important to the full development of the African American community. For over 100 years the Urban League of Springfield has been committed to the embodiment of this agenda within the African American community across Greater Springfield. We remain poised to do all we can to obtain full access to all sectors of societal life in order to build generations of highly effective and self-reliant people. Our work in the fields of youth development, productive aging, educational quality and workforce and economic development continue to be critical areas of need and opportunity within our constituent population.

Today, the City of Springfield finds itself in the most challenging period of its entire history. The enormous issues confronting the city have a collateral impact on individuals and institutions within our target community. As we work to mitigate this impact, we hold to several longstanding truths and goals to define our work:

We understand that our role in the midst of these difficult times is to bring about new opportunities and to provide support and guidance to those who are suffering disproportionately due to present conditions.

We believe in doing all we can to ensure that the children of Springfield receive a world class education. This will transform lives more quickly than any other effort and will have generational impact.

We are committed to working aggressively toward moving African American to economic and social self-sufficiency. It is the type of independence that will make a mammoth difference in quality of life in the African American community.

We believe the key to a healthy community is the edification of strong and well-informed families who have a sense of stewardship about their community’s well being and the children therein. This is real empowerment!

The Urban League has a legacy of working collaboratively with many community groups, organizations and institutions to expand our capacity to address serious social and public policy needs in the community. We will continue to do this to ensure that we maximize community assets in the resolution of persistent social deficits confronting the African American community.

We continue to encourage and welcome your support in our struggle for equality and empowerment. And, we extend thanks to those of you who continue to promote and advance the Urban League mission.