Senior Programs-Productive Aging

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Is a nationwide program.  RSVP invites adults age 55 and over to use their life experiences and skills to answer the call of their neighborhoods in need.

RSVP Volunteers are:

  1. 55 Years of age
  2. Can volunteer an average of 20 hours a week
  3. Have limited income and love children.

The Foster Grandparent Program

Is a nationwide volunteer program.  Everyday in communities across America the Foster Grandparents are the people children in need depend on for love, wisdom and support.

The Foster Grandparents are:

  1. 55 Years of age
  2. Can volunteer an average of 20 hours a week
  3. Have limited income and love children.

Youth Development

The Digital Connectors Program

The Digital Connectors Program was created to address the barriers to technology adoption and use, especially among young people, within low-income communities. Digital Connectors is a best practice, youth development movement that engages teens and young adults, ages 14-21, in leadership development, digital education, life skills management and community service. By learning and involving themselves in their respective communities, taking field trips to high tech companies and hearing from emerging leaders, youth are able to hone technical competencies and grasp lifelong principles that inspire educational advancement and workforce preparation. Nationally, these young people connect to each other through the Connectors Club website, a social networking and information portal that gives them to ability to access and share information about college, jobs and life skills.

The SUL has partnered with National Urban League, the Lilly Foundation, Comcast, One Economy and the STCC Business Center to deliver services to Digital Connectors. The Digital Connectors Program curriculum focuses on: Leadership

& Diversity; Personal Development; Workforce Development; Financial Literacy; Community Mapping; Digital Literacy; Hardware & Network; Software & Programming; Media Production & Civic Journalism; Environment & Sustainability; Service & Global Engagement; Teaching & Facilitation.

Through learning about their respective roles in their communities, thinking critically about how media affects their lives, producing their own media about pressing issues, and practicing team-building and leadership skills, youth are able to master technical competencies and practice lifelong principles that inspire educational advancement, workforce preparation and local or global citizenry. The reward to Digital Connectors is computer hardware, coupled with an affordable solution for in-home Internet access.

SUL Youth STEM Enrichment Program



The STEM Program is a College Readiness initiative that combines STEM enrichment with leadership, communications and social skills development, and aligns with the Urban League’s focus on helping minority and low-income students enter and complete post-secondary education prepared for careers related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


The SUL has partnered with the Donohue Institute of the University of Massachusetts to provide age appropriate, on- campus STEM enrichment days that will include instruction and/or information sessions at the UMass Department of Computer Science; Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA); School of Public Health and Health Sciences Department of Kinesiology; College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Pre Med and Pre Dental Program; Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Pioneer Valley Life Sciences InStitute (a partnership between UMass and Bay State Medical Center); and the Pioneer Valley Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP). The YSEP offers an exceedingly strong Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focus and will complement the curriculum of the New Leadership Charter School, where Springfield Urban League is the lead partner. In addition, American International College and Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) will provide staff from their Science, Math, Engineering and Technology departments as well as access to their laboratories and related equipment.

Students will participate in science fairs that will coincide with those held annually at New Leadership. The science fairs will be open to the public so that the students have an opportunity to demonstrate their acquired skills, and share their interests and goals. SYEP participants will demonstrate to the NLCS school population and the community at large the value and effectiveness of SUL youth intervention and enrichment programs in encouraging and enabling positive behaviors, high skill achievement and educational enthusiasm. Participation at the Urban League’s Leadership summit will reinforce the positive strides made by YSEP students.

The program works to increase students’ self-esteem, demonstrate to students their individual and group competencies, and builds tangible community engagement, social, public discourse, and research and demonstration skills that will help ensure future success. Students will graduate the program prepared for 21st Century higher education and STEM related careers.


Health & Wellness

Walgreens Wellness Bus

Walgreens Wellness Bus

The Walgreens Urban League Wellness Health Tour

The Walgreens and Urban League of Springfield, Inc., “Way to Well Health Tour” is designed, to provide free prevention and early detection health services to Springfield’s underserved communities. The Wellness Tour provides free tests, assessment, education and consulting services to populations of communities with the highest prevalence for leading diseases and uninsured and unemployed residents of Springfield and surrounding communities.

These free health tests include: total cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, body mass index, body composition, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, real body age and body weight.

The Wellness Tour also provides accessible, affordable resources for prevention and early detection of major chronic diseases, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Community Support & Advocacy

The Brown Bag Program

The Urban League of Springfield, Inc., Brown Bag Program, is a collaborative initiative with the Western Mass. Food Bank.

The program provides over 360 bags each month to seniors 55 years of age or older with low to moderate incomes.  The Program provides nutritional food, which enables each senior and their family to acquire the vital nutrition they need to sustain a healthy quality of life.  Volunteers transport and distribute as many as 200 bags to various senior housing units.


The Urban League of Springfield’s Community Focus Radio program is a weekly Radio program, which is hosted by the President/CEO, Henry M. Thomas, III and co-hosted by the Senior Vice President, Andrew Cade. The Program shares national, regional and local information, engage discussions on various topics that have local impact. The program host interviews community representatives and business leaders.

Economic and Workforce Development

Job Fairs

The Urban League of Springfield collaborate with partners for Job Fairs, which is normally at the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Job Fairs are held twice a year (May and December).  Our recent Job Fair produced over 1900 people who attended and met with Company representatives.  Approximately 165 people received jobs from the job fairs.

Employment Opportunity Program

The Urban League of Springfield has a relationship with a number of regional and local companies who contact the League for candidates for employment opportunities that they have ranging from upper management to entry level positions.  Companies such as, Comcast, Walgreens, MGM, CVS, Big Y, MassMutual and others.


The Urban League of Springfield Youth Scholarship

The Urban League of Springfield Youth Scholarship is provided to deserving students pursuing higher education. They must demonstrate successful academic performance and active community service.

The Urban League African American Scholarship

The Urban League African American Scholarship fund is maintained at the community foundation. Over $26,000 is granted to students each year.